Why dividing us by age in school doesn’t make sense

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Isn’t it natural and obviously beneficial for children to be learning next to other children of approximately the same age?


Recently I was driving my two children somewhere, and I heard the younger one ask his big sister to show him how to do something. I can’t remember exactly. But what I do remember is how she explained it to him, using an example he’d understand. It wasn’t a childish explanation, but rather child-like and I thought to myself I would never have been able to give him the answer that would have given him that understanding so quickly and easily.


We all know (it’s true for everyone and each of us!) that what you learn out of curiosity and interest sticks with you forever, while what you study out of threat of punishment will fade away very soon after the test is passed. Given that different people are curious and interested in different topics at different times, if we really care about learning we shouldn’t build a system that force every child on earth to study this when he is 7 years old and that when he is 7 years old and a half, this other thing when he is 12 and that one when he is 13.

Age doesn’t matter that much. Children and students should be immersed in an environment that allows them to dig into their curiosity in the moment they feel interest for a particular subject. And not in a one-fit-for-all 15 years long schedule.

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