Healthy alternatives to Kellogg’s Cereal

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#1 They Are Loaded With Sugar

Most kids’ cereals are are loaded with sugar or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is also called corn syrup or corn sugar. CBS News says Kellogg’s Honey Smacks is the worst offender “registering nearly 56 percent sugar by weight. One cup of Honey Smacks contains more sugar than a Twinkie. Kellogg’s cereal brands had five appearances in the “10 Worst Children’s Cereals,” followed by four from Quaker Oats.”

  • Honey Smacks: 15g of sugar per serving
  • Froot Loops: 10g of sugar per serving
  • Apple Jacks: 10g of sugar per serving
  • Corn Pops: 9g of suger per serving

The biggest problem with eating sugared cereal is that it “continues to snowball into a bigger picture of unhealthy habits. When you wake up for breakfast your body needs fuel, Mittler said, but if that fuel comes from sugary cereals, your blood sugar levels rise. Once you digest the cereal, the blood sugar levels fall back down, which signals the brain that it needs more sugar, so throughout the day kids may turn to candy, juices, and other sweets. When blood sugar keeps rising and falling, it makes the body feel hungrier and makes concentration more difficult. Thus people turn to more sugary foods throughout the day and the cycle repeats. The sugar that doesn’t break down is eventually converted into fat.” Excess sugar also weakens you kid’s immune system, and can lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Buy Healthy Cereals For Kids: Envirokidz Organic Gluten-Free Cereal, Lightly Frosted Amazon Flakes

#2 They Are High in GMOs

Kellogg’s cereals contain corn made from GMO products. In fact, “independent DNA lab testing has verified that 100% of the corn in Kellogg’s Froot Loops is genetically modified corn, containing DNA sequences known to be present in insecticide producing Bt and Roundup Ready corn. The soy also contained DNA sequences known to be present in Roundup Ready GMO soy. What’s more, tests documented the presence of glyphosate at 0.12 mg/kg, the main chemical ingredient of Monsanto’s best-selling Roundup weedkiller.” according to Natural Society.

#3 They Use Hydrogenated Oils

These contain trans fats and are known to cause cancer and heart disease. “The Mayo Clinic says it’s considered to be the worst type of fat there is. It’s known to cause cancer, heart disease, and immune system problems  says Dr. David Brownstein of News Mac Health. In fact, there is no safe amount of trans fats in your diet. Even the FDA has made a preliminary determination to say trans fats are not generally regarded as safe, like previously thought. You can avoid hydrogenated oil but instead choosing coconut, palm, or olive oil. Organic butter is a better option as well.” (source)

#4 They Have Artificial Dyes

Kellogg’s cereals contain artificial dyes, especially red #40 which is linked to ADHD. “Many parents say they have cured their kids from ADHD by removing artificial colors from their diet, especially Red Dye #40.  Since 2010 the European Union has required warning labels on foods with artificial dyes stating that they “may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.”  But here in the United States the FDA continues to state that artificial food dyes are safe, and ADHD diagnoses are on the rise. ” according to pediatrician Kathleen Berchelmann, MD.

Dr. Mercola explains that Red #40 is “the most-widely used and consumed dye. It may accelerate the appearance of immune system tumors in mice. It also causes hypersensitivity (allergy-like) reactions in some consumers and might trigger hyperactivity in children. What it’s in: Beverages, bakery goods, dessert powders, candies, cereals, foods, drugs, and cosmetics.”

#5 They Contain Soy Lecithin

A GMO additive containing toxins which is not regulated by the FDA. According to Dr. Axe, “generally speaking, soy lecithin is extracted from soybean oil, which is almost always genetically modified (GM). There is a lot of concern in natural health circles that the GM protein and DNA from the original soy crop exists, although it is largely undetectable. […] Stateside, the U.S. Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act requires soy lecithin labeling when used in food and non-food items. According to the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, the reason for this is because soy lecithin has been linked to allergies.”

Low Sugar, Non-GMO Cereals For Kids

#1 ENVIROKIDZ AMAZON FLAKES (6g sugar per serving)

cereal healthy

EnviroKidz organic Amazon frosted flakes cereal is fat-free crispy flakes made of gluten-free corn meal–a genuinely tasty cereal. Be sure, you will not have to lower your expectations even if you are eating a gluten-free, wheat-free breakfast. You do not have to settle for ordinary flakes or tasteless gluten-free cereal when Nature’s Path offers so much more–a pinch of this, a dash of that, but never anything artificial. This product contains no artificial additives, preservatives, or colors. Moreover, the USDA organic certification on this product means that the ingredients are grown without synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and nasty chemicals. This is a sacrifice-free way of enjoying your breakfast. Also, this box features the adorable kinkajou, commonly known as the honey bear.

Amazon customer says “These are WONDERFUL!!! The flakes are thin, crisp, and moderately sweet. You can taste the corn, but that only lends to the fabulousness. The sweetness is noticeable, but not overpowering. If I have these out my biggest problem is stopping. My son and I both could sit around with a bag of these and nothing else. I don’t drink milk of any kind so I can’t say how milk changes the flavor, but my husband likes them as well and he always has them with milk. Not that horrible Tony The Tiger Frosted Flakes flavor or all those cuts you get on the inside of your mouth when you eat traditional frosted flakes.”

cereal healthy

Erewhon Organic Corn Flakes are USDA organic and Non-GMO Project certified. These are also certified gluten free and are listed at “0” grams of sugar. Also available in Mixed Berry flavor, which contains 2g of sugar. Amazon customer says “My 6 year old son and I are on a grain free-sugar free diet with the exception of organic Non-GM corn. He LOVES these flakes and they are a real treat to him. I enjoy the taste of them very much as well. Not sure I would have found these so tasty before we cut sugar out of our diet, but because of our diet I find these have a really good flavor. They are light and crispy.”

Erewhon Cryspy Brown Rice is also USDA certified organic, gluten-free, and has 1 g of sugar per serving. “We make this Crispy Brown Rice Cereal by blending whole grains of California-grown organic brown rice with gluten free organic brown rice syrup and sea salt to enhance the natural flavor of the whole grain. Then we cook the brown rice and puff it to its crispy best, creating a delicious, gluten free rice cereal. Enjoy this gluten free, brown rice cereal by the bowl, sprinkled over yogurt or in your favorite treat recipe.”

#3 NATURE’S PATH CORN FLAKES (3g sugar per serving)
Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 14.19.44
Nature’s Path organic fruit juice sweetened corn flakes cereal contains crisp, golden, gluten-free cereal flakes made of pure cornmeal, lightly sweetened with concentrated fruit juice. “The specialty of Nature’s Path is, and has always been, everything “whole grain”. If you decide to go “gluten free” then there is no healthier option than organic gluten free–products that are not only gluten free but also free of other things that can compromise health. Add to that, Non-GMO Project verified for an extra assurance when it comes to food safety.”

“My kids (who can eat anything) absolutely LOVE them. I used to have them on autoship, but my kids gobbled them up too quickly so we’re taking a break to save money. Sometimes we’d eat them right out of the box for a crunchy snack. They seem more flavorful when you eat them dry.” (Amazon customer)

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