Principal and Founder BTechDegree Film and TV Production - Tshwane University of Technology   3-6 Montessori level 5 - Headstart  6-9 Montessori level 6 - Headstart  9-12 Montessori level 6 - Headstart 

Heather Kreusch


PRINCIPAL: Singing Forest Montessori (Ages 18 months to 6 years old)

PRINCIPAL: Chartwell House Montessori Eco School (Ages 3 to 12. High school scheduled for 2018)

Montessori Teaching Diploma – Ages 3-6

Montessori Teaching Diploma – Ages 6-12

SACE (South African Council of Educators) number: 12349696

Cert Nutrition. Cert Brain Gym. Cert Facilitative Leadership for Sustainable Development

N.Dip Film & Television Production

B.Tech degree Film & Video Technology


A researcher and scriptwriter in the television industry for 12 years, Heather has worked on shows from The Weakest Link to documentaries for the Discovery Channel.  Her love for little people led her to specialize in children’s television where she worked on KTV, KTV Power Edition, KTV What’s Hot and High School Musical:  Spotlight South Africa for MNET, amongst others. On the side she volunteered for NGO’s for 14 years working with disadvantaged children in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Vaalwater, Mamelodi, Diepsloot, Soweto and Alexandra.  In this context she produced HOPE Worldwide’s ‘Hope for Orphans’, Pamela Nomvete’s ‘The Channeling Program’, footage for Malaak Compton-Rock’s Angel Rock program and The Olive Leaf Foundation’s ‘Kids Club’ for the 2010 World Aids Conference in Austria.


“Dear Parents

Thank you for taking an interest in our school. It’s a privilege to share our vision with you. This is what drives us, motivating, inspiring and enthusing us to seize the bull by the horns each day, and to channel and invest in the life force of our children.

Teaching and raising them the Montessori way is our life’s calling and greatest passion. Devoting our time, energy and thoughts to each child entrusted to us, studying them to see what makes them tick and how best to fan their inherent love of learning into flame, discovering and building their inner treasures, is our greatest pleasure. We love watching them grow from strength to strength, in self-acceptance, curiosity and the ability to mine the world around them for information, assimilate and put it to good use, seeing them develop their internal muscles of ambition, independence and perseverance, and the lights go on when they grasp and master new concepts.

This is what propels us out of bed like a bullet from a barrel each day to hit the ground running. It’s the stuff our dreams are made of, what sets our souls on fire and keeps us going with each child to the bitter end. We will not give up on anyone! We consider ourselves the luckiest people alive to be given a chance to nurture and educate your child, to unpack that precious little gift and see what it contains, and are able humbled each time a parent chooses to place their child in our care. Sobered by the magnitude of this responsibility, we are mindful of our need to constantly be growing and stretching, learning and developing, in order to always be improving the level of excellence of our offering to you and your child.

It is with this in mind that we are committed to investing in our staff, their understanding and their skills, and stand in awe of the scope of opportunity we have to help build your child and his future. We only live once, and we are only young and enthusiastic once. With all of this might and vitality we want to partner with you to light a candle for peace, to build a legacy, of which your children, and their well-being and potential, are the focus.

”Onwards and Upwards!”